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Please contact the Athletic Department if you have issues with any of the following:

1. Username

2. Completing Forms

If you forgot your password, please click the Forgot Password Link on the login screen. 

Please do not call RSchool directly. 

Registration is a two-step process so please follow these instructions:

Step 1 - Register your student online.  If a student isn’t certain in which sport she or he would like to participate, parents should still register for the sport in which some interest has been expressed.  The selection can always be changed prior to the beginning of the new sport’s tryouts. 

PLEASE NOTE: If this is the first time you are registering a student, upon completion of the form, you will be asked to set up a Family Account. By doing so, future registration forms will be pre-filled for your convenience but allowing you to make changes if needed. Once a registration form has been submitted, a confirmation page will be displayed indicating that Step 1 has been completed.

If you have another student to register for a sport, please log into your account and then select the Athletic Registration Form so all your children are associated with your one Family Account.

Step 2 - Preparticipation Physical Evaluation and Health History Questionnaire

A valid athletic physical must be on file with the high school nurse prior to the start of each athletic season. Please select either option A or B below that pertains to your child:  

A - If the athletic physical expires any time during pre-season practice or during the season, a new physical must be obtained to continue participation in the sport. HOWEVER, the parent still must complete the “Health History Update Questionnaire” and submit this one page form to the high school nurse during the enrollment period to complete Step 2. 

B - If the athletic physical will expire prior to the first day of practice for the selected sport, a new athletic physical, including the “Health History Update Questionnaire”, must be submitted to the high school nurse during the enrollment period to complete Step 2.

Before any student can participate in any athletic program, the following requirements must be met:

  • A parent/guardian, along with the student athlete, must complete this online registration.
  • There must be a valid physical on file. Physicals are good for 364 days from the date of the exam. An athlete must have a valid physical on file on the date of the first practice. Students with expired physicals will not be permitted to participate.
    • PHYSICALS: The Garfield School District will offer physicals for student athletes prior to each season.  Please check the Athletics Webpage for more information.
  • Athletes will be evaluated in the IMPACT Concussion System to determine a baseline.
  • **Every Student needs a Health History Update for EVERY SEASON

 ***If there is a current physical on file with the Athletic Department Nurse, you are only required to complete the Health History Update Questionnaire Form. Please ensure all required signatures are provided.

Attention Physician, APN, PA

The date of exam must be the same on the History Form, Physical Examination Form and the Clearance Form. The Physical Examination Form and the Clearance Form must be signed. The forms must be complete, including height, weight, vision, pulse and blood pressure. All abnormal findings must be explained.

Attention Parent/Guardians

The History Form must be signed by the parent and student. Explain all “yes” answers: include dates, length of symptoms and treatment. Please attach a second piece of paper if more room is needed. The date on the History Form must be the same date as the physical exam. The Special Needs Supplemental Form must be completed and signed even if the student does not have a disability. Forms will be returned if any information is missing. Be sure to also read the information on the NJSIAA Steroid Testing Policy, and Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes Information. (Available Online on the school website under Athletics and inside the activity registration form.) You can also find other important information for your review by clicking the following link: Important Information for Parents

Attention Students

It is your responsibility to verify with the Athletics Department Nurse if your physical is valid. All completed forms can be uploaded in the Physical Upload field inside the registration form for your records if you chose. However the original copies must be returned to the Athletic Department Nurse. The student must sign the History Form along with the parent/guardian. If you wear glasses or contacts, please remember to bring them with you to your physical examination. Be sure to also read the information on the NJSIAA Steroid Testing Policy and Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes Information.(Available Online on the school website under Athletics and inside the activity registration form.)

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